15+ Timeline Infographic Design Examples & Ideas - Daily Design Inspiration #18 | Venngage Gallery
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15+ Timeline Infographic Design Examples & Ideas – Daily Design Inspiration #18

15+ Timeline Infographic Design Examples & Ideas

15+ Timeline Infographic Design Examples & Ideas – Daily Design Inspiration #18


Every hour there are thousands of projects published by many talented designers. But because those are published across a collection of different social networks and sites, you often miss them.

That’s why I decided to put together the first edition of the Daily Design Inspiration. With this daily collection of timeline infographic examples, I want to give new designers a platform to show off their work.

To spread some inspiration to readers. To collect amazing design work on one platform. And to make it easy for anyone to create something beautiful.

In this edition of the Daily Design Inspiration, we are going to look at some timeline examples from Clémentine StoraTravelBag, and a few from our own Venngage designers.

Now if you want to learn how to make your own infographics, I would start with this article:

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Also be sure to check out yesterday’s Daily Design Inspiration, where we covered some Annual Report examples!

1. Wanderlust: My Creative Process Timeline Infographic

Creator: Drishti Khemani

Type: Creative Timeline Infographic Example


2. 6 Examples Of The Heroes Journey From Your Favorite Movies Timeline Infographic 

Creator: Venngage

Type: Movie Timeline Infographic Example


3.  How To Avoid Jet Lag Timeline Infographic Example

Creator: TravelBag

Type: How To Timeline Infographic Example


4. Simple Colorful Business Timeline Infographic Template 

Creator: Venngage

Type: Classic Timeline Infographic Example


5. Evolution Of Business And The Cloud Timeline Infographic Example

Creator: Mazakii

Type: Modern Timeline Infographic Example


6. Wavy Illustrated Timeline Infographic Template

Creator: Venngage

Type: Modern Timeline Infographic Example


7. Unique Resume Timeline Infographic Example

Creator: Clémentine Stora

Type: Resume Timeline Infographic Example


8. History Of The Combustion Engine Infographic Timeline Example

Creator:Timothy Dole

Type: Historical Timeline Infographic Example


9. Bold Monthly Timeline Infographic Template

Creator: Venngage

Type: Monthly Timeline Infographic Example


10. History of Life Circular Timeline Infographic Example

Creator: Juan Martinez

Type: Circular Timeline Infographic Example


11. Apple History Chronological Timeline Infographic Template

Creator: Venngage

Type: Tech Timeline Infographic Example


12. The Future According To Science Fiction Timeline Infographic

Creator: Zamir Bermeo

Type: Pop Culture Timeline Infographic Example


13. Creative WW2 Timeline Infographic Example

Creator: Patrick Mahoney

Type: Historical Timeline Infographic Example


14. Striving: An Abstract Personal Timeline Example

Creator: Daniel Patrick

Type: Resume Timeline Infographic Example


15. A History of Western Typefaces Timeline Infographic Example 

Creator: Nick Sigler

Type: Historical Timeline Infographic Example



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