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Create Data Visualizations for Free

Visualize complex data and numbers in presentations and reports with Venngage's data visualization examples and templates.

Over 40,000 businesses use and trust Venngage for data visualization design.

Get started with the best data visualization examples

What is data visualization design?

Raw data isn't always the best way to share stories. Human beings are receptive to visuals, which is why data visualization is one of the best forms of communication. An interactive data visualization can share a compelling story when words can't. Here are a few reasons to depict data visually.

  • Use charts and graphs to display data visually. Numbers on their own can be hard to understand. Data visualization makes all your data easier to decipher. This is achieved through graphical representation like an area chart or line graphs.
  • Find trends by comparing a data point to another. Raw data doesn't show you connections or trends. By visualizing data through charts and graphs, you can show how sets of data are related and what steps to take next.
  • Tell business stories through interactive visualization. It's hard to tell good stories when you're dealing with big data. A good visualization tool like network graphs can better show the significance of the data collected.

Don't spend hours creating charts and graphs. With Venngage's free data visualization tools, you can turn any set of numbers into a stunning visualization that tells your business story, attracts and retains customers, and convinces clients of your business potential.

What do the best data visualization examples include?

A good data visualization communicates information at a glance. It shows connections within the data without requiring additional text. Here are some practical tips to use Venngage's data visualization examples so the data presented in your reports and presentations will be simple to understand.



Good data visualization avoids any type of distortion. Keep the baselines clear when visualizing data, and avoid starting at a number greater than '0'. Choose the right visual format so you do go against standard data visualization practices.



Data visualizations should be uncluttered. Visuals like background images can distract from the graphs and charts in your data visualization. Keep these to a minimum so the focus remains on your core message. Use bold fonts for labels so the data is easier to read.



Use different graphic elements for data visualizations. Colors, icons, and fonts help build data connections. Combine data visuals like charts, diagrams, and pictograms to tell a story. Design maps to depict population demographics or location data.

The best examples of data visualization are clear to read and understand. They share information using visual tools like graphs, charts, icons, and images. Text is kept to a minimum so it doesn't require too much effort from the reader. With data visualization tools like Venngage, you can tell powerful business stories with far less effort.

How can you visualize data for free?

Creating a stunning data visualization that conveys information accurately doesn't have to be hard. Venngage has a library of graph and chart templates that are easy to customize and share. Here are the best practices for creating an impactful data visualization.

  • Choose a chart or graph template. If you've seen bad visualization examples, you know the first mistake people make is trying to fit their data into a visualization instead of the other way around. Charts for comparison are different from ones showing relationships between data. Understand what message you want to share and choose the data template accordingly.
  • Customize the data visualization template. When you've chosen the template to visualize all your data, start adding your information. With Venngage, you can import data directly from a Google sheet or CSV into the editor. The chart or graph will automatically populate the data and visualize it.
  • Add visual elements to your template. Add icons and images to your data. You can input your brand logo, colors, and fonts using Venngage's My Brand Kit feature, available with a Venngage Business account.

How do you create a data visualization with Venngage?

Share your completed data visualization online, or upgrade to a Venngage Business account to download it as PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, and as a PowerPoint presentation.

Easily design an effective data visualization for your business with Venngage's library of templates. Sign up for a free account and get access to a host of templates to visualize business reports and identify trends.

Customize your interactive data visualization template in the drag-and-drop editor. Import data into the editor and let it do the work for you. Add text, swap out illustrations and icons, and add your brand elements.

The Venngage editor includes numerous font styles, free stock photos, the ability to upload your own images, 40,000+ icons, a variety of charts and graphs, so you can create a comprehensive data visualization that reflects your business.

What types of data visualization does Venngage offer?

Customize Venngage templates for a variety of data visualization uses with these types of charts and graphs:

Pie chart templates

Bar chart templates

Use a pie chart to compare the various parts of a whole. Remember to limit the segments to seven so the chart is easy to understand.

Have a series of independent values? A bar or column chart is the best data visualization for this type of data set.

Line graph templates

Venn diagrams

A Venngage line graph or line chart can represent changes over time when you have multiple data points.

Venn diagrams appear as concentric circles. These data visualizations can show comparisons and overlaps within data sets.

Bubble chart templates

Area chart templates

With Venngage bubble charts, you can compare data sets that have clear outliers. These visual charts make examining data easy.

Venngage area charts are aesthetically pleasing data visualizations that demonstrate time-series data or change over time.

Map chart templates

Scatterplot diagrams

Venngage offers a variety of map templates, including choropleth maps and map series to show geographical data.

With Venngage scatter plots, you can reveal the correlations and distributions between two different data variables.

Stacked chart templates

Use a Venngage stacked bar or column graph to compare multiple data points that have large differences in value.

With Venngage’s customizable data visualization templates, branding options, free photos, and icons, businesses can design powerful reports for a variety of uses.

FAQs about data visualization examples

What is an example of a data visualization tool?

Venngage is a data visualization tool that does most of the work for you. Venngage's pre-made templates are designed by experts and require minimal effort to make your own.

Sign up for a free Venngage account, pick a chart or graph template for your report or presentation and begin customizing the design. Import your data from Google sheets or through a CSV and the chart will immediately reflect it. Share your data visualization online, on your social media, or download it by upgrading to a Venngage Business plan.

Is Excel good for data visualization?

A number of bad visualization examples are the result of using the wrong data visualization tool. While Excel can be used for visualizing data, there is a lot of manual work involved. You will also have to determine trends yourself with Excel, which can take a lot of time and energy.

Venngage data visualization templates are easy to use and update. They allow users numerous customization options that reveal trends within data sets, all while looking visually appealing.  Explore the various templates on offer and choose the best one to tell your brand story.

What is the best way to visualize data?

There are online tools for data visualization but most require additional effort to make them look good. Venngage offers a variety of free templates that are easy to customize for your interactive data visualization needs.

The Venngage drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to adapt a pre-designed data visualization for any business need. Plus, the free icon and photo library will help users visualize information for every type of audience.

With a Venngage Business plan, users can access the My Brand Kit feature to add their brand logos, colors, and fonts to all their designs with a single click. You can also unlock real-time team collaboration and 24/7 priority support.

With the Venngage data visualization tool, you can compare and contrast data, create better reports, and convince clients about your brand's value.

Now you know the essentials of creating data visualizations. Start designing a beautiful data visualization with Venngage!

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