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10 Easy-to-Edit Real Estate Brochure Templates & Examples

By Letícia Fonseca, Apr 04, 2022

real estate brochure

Just like in any other industry, marketing is the best way to get you noticed in the real estate business. And a well-designed brochure is one of the most effective real estate marketing strategies that can guarantee increased awareness and sales for your listings.

In this post, we have compiled the best professional real estate brochure templates from Venngage to inspire you to create your own.

You can also learn how to use Venngage’s Brochure Maker in designing your own brochure.


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What are the benefits of a real estate brochure?

Creating a brochure is a great way to showcase and promote a property. Even in today’s digital world, brochures still prove to be effective because they are widely distributed, cost-efficient, and visually appealing. With a brochure, you can…

  • Prompt potential customers to take action. Whether you want them to visit your real estate website or drop by the office, brochures hold important information such as your contact details and a call to action that can produce the right action and response from interested customers.
  • Highlight the best features of a property. Using high-definition photos of your listings accompanied by engaging copy and a stunning design, you can easily grab a buyer’s attention with your brochure.
  • Establish your authority in the real estate market. Investing in print marketing materials like brochures builds credibility, and an impressive brochure design can set you apart from competitors.


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10 real estate brochure templates & examples you can use:

Here are some of the best real estate brochure designs and templates that every real estate agent or marketer should check out:

1. Modern real estate tri-fold brochure template

This brochure template makes use of warm pastel tones and geometric shapes that give it a softer, friendly look. Its modern design can also easily fit any real estate branding.

real estate brochure

As the spaces for the images are limited, this template might be best for real estate properties like condos and apartments that focus on organized spaces instead of exterior views.

To replace the images in this brochure with ones of your own property, first drag and drop your images to the Venngage editor, then double click the existing photos and voila, you can replace the template’s photos with your uploaded ones in just seconds:

real estate brochure

2. Teal residential real estate bifold brochure template

This premium real estate brochure template is designed to draw focus on the images of your listings. It has a family-oriented design so it is more suitable for residential properties.

real estate brochure

Make sure to use the most eye-catching photos that capture a ‘homey’ look and feel to make your brochure more impactful. With premium features like custom icons, this template is worth the extra cost.

You can replace the icons here as easily as how you do with images:

real estate brochure

3. Diamond real estate bifold brochure template

With a unique photo montage design on the cover and huge image sections on the inside, this premium brochure template is ideal for displaying breathtaking views of luxury homes and prestigious villas.

real estate brochure

It also has a simple, minimalist design for balancing out highly detailed images.

4. Yellow residential real estate tri-fold brochure template

If you’re looking for a clean, well-structured real estate brochure design, this free template is just what you need.

real estate brochure

It has distinct sections for your tagline, headlines, contact info, and call to action so you can structure content effectively. With this template, you can keep your brochure concise yet engaging.

Notice how the template has very distinct brand colors? You can apply your own brand colors and logos to your brochure design too, using My Brand Kit. Simply have your branding elements automatically extracted through Autobrand:

real estate brochure

And apply them to your design in one click:

real estate brochure

5. Dark residential real estate tri-fold brochure template

In this premium template, each panel is designed to look like the cover, which means you can easily capture a customer’s interest no matter which side they see or what information they look at first.

real estate brochure

With such a versatile design, this real estate brochure template can be used whether for residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

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6. Gray real estate informational tri-fold brochure template

Instead of directly advertising a property, you can use a brochure to provide helpful information that will encourage customers to look into buying a property. This brochure template for example provides tips for home maintenance during the winter season.

real estate brochure

This template is free and has a highly organized structure that makes way for easy formatting so you can simply copy and paste your content into the template.

7. Arch real estate tri-fold brochure template

Now this template is fitting for a leading real estate agency. It has a large area dedicated to your logo and wide spaces for text so you can include notable information like major projects, awards and achievements, and client testimonials.

real estate brochure

A premium template, its elegant design also makes it suitable for commercial and corporate real estate use.

8. Blue industrial real estate tri-fold brochure template

Suitable for industrial, commercial, and corporate real estate, this elegant brochure template is perfect for showcasing majestic buildings and skyscrapers.

real estate brochure

It also has detailed sections that allow you to include a tagline, value proposition, mission and vision, call to action, and contact details.

9. Dark industrial real estate tri-fold brochure template

Aside from industrial spaces, you can use this premium real estate brochure template to exhibit stylish and symmetrical interiors that create visual interest.

real estate brochure

It follows a grid layout for displaying information and promotes visual hierarchy, which can significantly affect comprehension and the impact and value of your content.

10. Light commercial real estate bifold brochure template

Lastly, this free brochure template with a modern, minimalist look is specifically designed to highlight neat commercial spaces.

real estate brochure

With a constricted bifold design, you can focus on a single value proposition or call to action and make information brief yet compelling. This then keeps your brochure from being crowded or text-heavy.

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FAQs about real estate brochures

What should a real estate brochure include?

Make sure your brochure design includes the following necessary elements to get the results you need:

  • Name (or company name) and logo – to build brand awareness
  • Slogan or tagline – which increases brand recognition and should be short and catchy
  • Body – which consists of relevant information about a listing or the services you are offering
  • Visuals – to attract customers and ‘sell’ the property or service you are promoting
  • Call to action – to urge customers to perform an action
  • Contact information – to allow customers to get in touch with you

What is the best program to create a brochure?

Venngage’s Brochure Maker is the best tool for creating a real estate brochure. Venngage provides dozens of creative and professional real estate brochure templates that you can customize and use as your own, for free, by simply creating an account.

Feel free to test out the editor by creating a brochure and experimenting with our collection of 3+ million stock images and 40,000+ icons and illustrations. 

Even if you’re not a designer, you can easily use Venngage’s smart editor and drag-and-drop interface to edit a template and create your own design.

How do I make a brochure online for free?

With an online platform like Venngage, you can create a brochure for free without needing to purchase or download any software. Simply follow these steps to create a free brochure using Venngage’s Brochure Maker:

  1. Sign up to create an account on Venngage.
  2. Browse through our free templates. Select one that best reflects your design vision 
  3. Customize the template by adding your logo and images of products or services. You can also choose from icons, illustrations, and stock images in our gallery.
  4. Change the colors and fonts to brand your design.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with your creation, publish your work and you can then download or share it online.

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In conclusion: The best way to create a real estate brochure is by using Venngage’s templates and Brochure Maker

With Venngage’s user-friendly editor and fully customizable templates, anyone can make a professional brochure. Use Venngage’s Brochure Maker to make your own real estate brochure.