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Added Sugar Examples

Added Sugar Examples

Use these added sugar examples to spread awareness about the dangers of consuming too much sugar

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Added sugar is any type of sugar that is added to food or drink. This can include white sugar, brown sugar, honey, molasses, syrup, and more. While natural sugars are found in fruits and vegetables, added sugars are often found in processed foods and beverages. Excess consumption of added sugar has been linked to various health problems, such as weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease. When you consume sugary foods and drinks, your body gets a quick burst of energy, followed by a crash, which can leave you feeling tired and hungry. Over time, consuming too much sugar can lead to obesity. Added sugar can also cause spikes in your blood sugar levels. When this happens, your body releases insulin to try to bring your blood sugar back to normal. Eventually, this can lead to diabetes. Heart disease is another health problem associated with excess added sugar consumption. Added sugar can cause harmful changes in your cholesterol levels, including an increase in your LDL (bad) cholesterol and a decrease in your HDL (good) cholesterol. So, it is important to be aware of the added