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Added Sugars Infographic

Added Sugars Infographic

Visualize a sources of sugar to avoid infographic by using Venngage sources of sugar to avoid infographic template.

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Added Sugars Infographic Template can be used as knowledge for those who are planning to create infographics about similar topics. This is not meant to be copied verbatim but rather used as inspiration for another infographic. This infographic offers helpful information on ways to avoid added sugars when they are not necessary. It tells where those sugars could be hiding, and offers some healthier alternatives that contain less sugars. This is a great guide for those who want to cut down on their sugar intake but still maintain a balanced diet. For the design of sources of sugar infographic, dark colors are used for the background while lighter colors are on the text boxes. This allows for better contrast and legibility of the information on each box. The circles around some of the items also act as simple but effective separators between categories. This is an educational infographic intended to help people keep track of how much sugar they eat on a daily basis. By informing its readers about suspicious sources of sugar, the infographic enables them to make healthier food choices. Create an