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Virtual New Employee Orientation Checklist

Virtual New Employee Orientation Checklist

Establish consistent onboarding procedures online with a virtual new employee orientation checklist. Get started by customizing this template.

When onboarding new employees, ensure they feel comfortable and welcome in their new role. Part of that process is providing them with all the information they need to start. A virtual new employee orientation checklist can help make sure everyone is on the same page. Include an introduction to the company and team. New employees should be given an overview of the company, its history, and what it stands for. Introduce them to the colleagues they'll be working with to make them feel part of the team immediately. Provide information about the company's culture and values. New employees must understand these to align their behavior with the company's expectations. A tour of the company's online resources familiarizes new hires with the firm's online tools and resources, email and chat platforms, file-sharing tools, and HR systems. Give them information about the team's goals and objectives to help them understand what they're aiming towards and how their role contributes to the overall targets. All fresh hires should have a training and development plan to ramp up their new roles quickly and effectively. Ticking all the documentation needed

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