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New Employee Orientation Best Practices

New Employee Orientation Best Practices

Demonstrate how new employee orientation best practices excite fresh hires in working for your organization by editing this template.

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When new employees join an organization, they hope to become a successful part of the team as quickly as possible. However, what they experience in the first few days and weeks can make or break their future success. That's where orientation comes in - it helps the organization retain employees and maintain key talent. The orientation program allows fresh hires to get started on the right foot. It's beneficial for the organization and the employees. An example of new employee orientation best practices is having a structured plan from a strategy that involves key stakeholders, engages the new employees, and monitors their progress. Have your new employees participate in the orientation process to engage them better. Get them to complete an assessment before employment to help determine their needs and match them with the solutions offered during orientation. Provide opportunities for new employees to ask questions and get to know their colleagues. The orientation program should also include a workplace tour so the new employees can become familiar with their surroundings. Share the company's history, culture, values, and goals for the new employees to