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Multicolor New Employee Orientation Checklist

Multicolor New Employee Orientation Checklist

Prepare a well-organized new employee orientation checklist document for your onboarding by customizing this template.

When hiring a new employee, you must develop a job description, post the job, review resumes, conduct interviews, then decide who to hire. Once you've chosen a candidate, you must set them up with IT and file paperwork with HR. Then, you have to onboard them and manage their expectations. This orientation can be a confusing event for you and the fresh hire if it's not done correctly. Luckily, you can plan and put together the ultimate new employee orientation checklist. A new employee orientation checklist is a guiding document that assures new employees know what is expected of them. It also helps ensure employers don't miss critical steps in a worker's first few days. The onboarding process should let the new hire know what is expected of them regarding their job duties and behavior in the workplace. Teach the new hire the skills they need to do their job effectively. This activity may include training on your company's software and processes and safety training if required. Show the new hire around the office, introduce them to their colleagues, and give them a

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