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New Staff Orientation Checklist

New Staff Orientation Checklist

Provide this new staff orientation checklist to your hires so they can embody the company values. Use this template to create your onboarding guide.

When a new employee joins your company, it is essential to make them feel comfortable and welcome. One way to implement this is by having an onboarding program that includes a new staff orientation checklist. A new staff orientation checklist can help ensure that all new employees receive the same basic information and training when they start working at your company. Include in your new staff orientation checklist an introduction of the fresh hire to their supervisor and coworkers. Organize a tour of the office premises for the new employee and explain where everything is located. Teach the new hire how to use your company's IT systems and applications, present your company's policies and procedures, and add them to your company's communication channels. By including these items in your new staff orientation checklist, you can help make the transition from new hire to productive team member smoother and less overwhelming. With the many documents to prepare for your orientation program, Venngage can be a big help for you to create professional records. Venngage has many templates for your use. Once you have selected

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