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The Ultimate Knife Guide Comparison Infographic

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Infographic Description

When showing the difference between multiple items, it’s best to customize your own comparison infographic. You can help people visualize the data with images while using a flat design. The ultimate knife infographic from Venngage is the perfect template to start with. You can see how they created an effective comparison infographic with a minimal color palette.


A few basic colors work for this design because it’s discussing cooking knives which are simple in color. The designer also used a brighter orange color to underline titles and headings and break the content up into sections. In keeping with a flat design, the text is a modern font that’s easy to read. This top knife infographic features headings in bold but the body text in plain font for readability.


The main feature that makes this template work well is the use of images of the best knives. The designer used images of various knives to explain each item and the techniques associated with them. When creating infographic examples, consider a minimal or flat design if it works for your layout!

Infographic Features

  • Minimal Color Palette
  • Modern Font
  • Product Images
  • Bold Headings
  • Minimal Design Elements,
  • Flat Design Elements
  • Comparison Infographic Examples
  • Home Infographic Examples
  • Food Infographic Examples

Robert Welch

Color Palette



1062 × 5705px


Robert Welch

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