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Internal Hiring Process Infographic

Internal Hiring Process Infographic

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The internal hiring process infographic starts with a job posting by the manager. After that, the complete process of applying for a job is explained one step after another in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. In the hiring process, the manager reviews all resumes and chooses a few that meet desired skill set. The selected candidates are then called for an interview by a panel of managers from different levels depending upon the competency required. The selected candidates have to face rounds of interviews to test their knowledge in the specific departmental fields. In case, they make it through all levels, they are offered a job with an official offer letter. On the contrary, if they are rejected at any level, they receive feedback about what is lacking. This chart also highlights how the internal promotion process works. Internal promotions take place with less hassle than an external hiring process with an extensive resume submission for scrutiny. However, both the internal hiring process and internal promotion process still work under one structure. In the case of an internal promotion, the manager