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Folder Organization Process Infographic Template

Folder Organization Process Infographic Template

Explain how the cloud works by editing this simple Folder Organization Process Infographic for your organization!

This Folder Organization Process Infographic Template is a great way to introduce the ins and outs of new software, online tools and programs to employees. Change is never easy, especially at large organizations or high-performing teams. Introducing new processes is often disruptive. Having the right resources in place can make all the difference, and visuals like how-to infographics go a long way. The wonderful thing about infographic design now is that you don’t need any design experience at all! Non-designers have everything they need in Venngage to create professional-looking infographics for their organization. An intuitive editor and professional infographic templates make it easy for anyone to create impressive training assets. Why wait to get started? Click create and dive into the editor where you can make all the changes you want. You can repurpose the Folder Organization Process Infographic Template to suit any process that needs to be visualized. Swap out the content, add a few flashy icons, and your organization’s own branding with My Brand Kit for a sleek design. Update the template’s headings and subheadings, deleting or adding them as needed. It’s great to use bold, heavy fonts that stand out for headings. But for your body copy stick to fonts that are easy and clear to read. Then when you’re ready to update those icons, to reflect your key messages, just use icon replace. Double-click on an icon to open the icon search bar, search for an icon you need and select it. It will swap out the existing icon, and also share the same dimensions. That way you don’t need to resize anything! You can do that for all the icons you want to switch out in the template. Icons are simple but strong visual communication elements. They help to reinforce and retain content for longer periods of time, when paired with text. Text on its own is, well, easy to forget. So make sure to use them when you can. Venngage Pro Tip: When using icons, a design best practice is to stick with icons in the same “family”. That means only using line icons, or flat icons, or illustrations, etc. That’s because it will help your overall design feel unified and cohesive, rather than unorganized and unfinished. With just a touch of effort, you’ve created a unique infographic that can be used for training, saved as a template for future infographics, and repurposed in many other ways. Be prepared to receive compliments for an impressive design. Template dimensions: 1056 x 816 px This Folder Organization Process Infographic Template can be resized under the settings tab in the editor. You can choose landscape or portrait orientations. You can manually change the width and height of the template. You can also just use the page resize button to automatically resize template for other formats like letter size, A3, A4 and more. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, HTML (for email). You can share your infographic design in any way you like. Provide a share link to view the visual to anyone in your organization. You can also download a simple PNG or HD PNG for viewing on different devices easily on any device. Export to PDF if you want to avoid file compression or loss in quality. Choose what works for you!