Illustrated Animal Rescue Nonprofit Trifold Brochure Idea - Venngage Brochure Examples
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Illustrated Animal Rescue Nonprofit Trifold Brochure Idea

Brochure Description

Tug at people’s heartstrings when it comes to advertising your animal rescue with this non-profit brochure design! It’s never too late to adopt or donate to a special cause, especially when it comes to animals. Look at this template from Venngage for the perfect brochure example.


Whether your brochure ideas are about animal rescue or pet adoption, you can customize any brochure idea. This illustrated brochure features a fun design that’s interesting and easy to read. The designer used a combination of illustrated icons, photos, and images, to evoke emotion in the reader.


You can use images and pictures to capture attention as most readers are drawn to visual elements. For lengthy text such as services or donation items needed, try breaking it into bullet lists. Another way the designer separated the text into categories was by using a playful color palette for visual groupings.


Pair it with a professional font and you’ll have a stylish brochure within minutes. Customize brochure ideas by using these techniques whenever you need brochure design inspiration!

Brochure Features

Color Palette



800 x 1308 px



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