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College Tri Fold Brochure

Showcase Your College Or University With The Customizable College Tri Fold Brochure Template!

Show off the skills of students on campus to attract prospective high school seniors, families and more by editing this College Tri Fold Brochure Template. Apply an intriguing color palette, artsy images and elegant text for an attractive college tri fold brochure. Use My Brand Kit tool to apply pre-set color palettes or even create your own by incorporating brand colors, font styles and logos. Next showcase the capabilities of existing students to attract new ones! With the Image Upload Tool, upload previews of portfolios and more for an attractive college tri fold brochure. Lastly, seal the deal with elegant font styles to keep it professional and modern. The Text Tool allows you to customize each detail, from font styles to alignment, the tool has it all. Discover college tri fold brochures and more on Venngage! Click Create to start modifying this College Tri Fold Brochure Template in just seconds!