The Diner Ice Cold Milk Shake Sales Flyer Example - Venngage Poster Examples
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The Diner Ice Cold Milk Shake Sales Flyer Example

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Flyer Description

Advertise a product or new menu item with design techniques seen in this sales flyer example. It features an illustration of a milkshake which is the product the poster is focusing on.


The designer added a text box to emphasize the product name and utilized a mixture of a playful and modern font. The title of the restaurant is in a dramatic font in order to grab people’s attention. You’ll also notice the use of star icons that break up the content within the text box.


Add icons or images where they make sense and fit with the theme of your business flyer. For this creative flyer example, it has a bright color palette that makes the milkshake illustration pop. Integrate vibrant colors to make your marketing flyer example stand out!

Flyer Features

Color Palette



595 × 842 px


Not Listed