Black & Gold Restaurant Trifold Marketing Brochure - Venngage Brochure Examples
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Black & Gold Restaurant Trifold Marketing Brochure

Brochure Description

Keep things simple when advertising your restaurant brochure ideas! Integrate the design techniques from this template by Venngage. The brochure example is great for a minimalist brochure design.


Use a timeline to tell your company’s story as the designer did here. This will show readers how reliable your company is and the milestones you’ve reached. You can also add icons to represent events, services, and ways people can contact your business.


With this tri-fold brochure example, you’ll also notice the call to action that tells readers to reach out to the restaurant. A call to action is perfect for catching people’s attention and initiating communication.


The text in this timeline brochure also features a modern font with bold headings to highlight specific information. By using bold headers you can draw people in and keep their focus.


In keeping with a minimal design, the author utilized a subtle color palette. You can do this to make sure the details don’t go missed or for branding continuity. From restaurants to bistros, use these methods in any of your brochure ideas!

Brochure Features

Color Palette



800 x 1308 px



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