10 Weird Food Related Infographics

By Nadya Khoja, Aug 15, 2015

Have you ever tried to convince a friend to try a weird food combination, but you swear that it actually tastes amazing? We all do it (I like carrots dipped in Nutella…). The point is, there are so many varieties of food out there, that some of them are bound to be weird. Here are 10 infographics to do with weird food.

1. Vegetables that have weird physical reactions

Vegetable Infographic


2. Weird foods around the world

3. Weird ice cream flavours

Ice Cream Infographic

4. Grossest foods around the world

15 gross foods infographic


5. Drinking is like eating but in liquid form…

6. Weird super foods (that aren’t kale…)


7. Not all weird foods have to be gross…

Bacon Infographic

8. Weird McDonald’s combinations

McDonald Infographic

9. Weird food idiomsFood Idiom Infographic

About Nadya Khoja

Nadya Khoja is a Visual Content and Digital Marketing Specialist. She is part of the team at Venngage, an online infographic maker. Nadya has a B.A. with Specialized Honours in Devised Theatre and a Master's Degree in Digital Media with a focus on Audience Engagement and Immersive Experiences. When she has time, Nadya directs, produces and sound designs for experimental and interactive performances.