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Sales Call Report Template

Sales Call Report Template

Track a salesperson's progress, identify areas for improvement, and assess monthly targets using this customizable sales call report template.

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A sales call report is a summary of the sales calls made by a salesperson. It includes information on who was called on and when, the products or services discussed, and other relevant details. Sales call reports are an essential tool for sales managers. They can track a salesperson's progress, identify areas for improvement, and assess whether a salesperson is meeting their targets. Sales call reports include the name of the person who made the call, the date and time of the call, and the name of the person called. The call's purpose, a summary of the discussion during the call, follow-up actions agreed upon, and other relevant details are also included. When creating a sales call report, refrain from making assumptions or adding your own opinions. Instead, stick to the facts and present the information clearly and concisely. Give the most important information first. A sales call report should not be longer than one page unless there is a specific reason to include more details. Additionally, a clean format is essential for a sales call report as it will make the