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Program Status Report Template

Program Status Report Template

Keep the team informed and accountable for timely project updates by customizing this user-friendly program status report template.

A program status report is a document that tracks and communicates how a project is progressing against your formal project plan. It is reviewed in weekly or biweekly status meetings with project stakeholders, clients, and team members. Program stakeholders use this to track the progress of projects and decide whether or not to continue funding them. The reports can also help identify potential problems and suggest solutions. The report describes the project's objectives, how they are being met, and what still needs to be done. It should summarize the project details, key team members and stakeholders, the status date and cadence of the report, a summary of the project scope and budget, a timeline of key and cross-project dependencies, and an overview of critical issues and blockers. Creating a program status report keeps everyone on the same page and guarantees they are aware of the project's current status. It also prevents misunderstandings and conflicts. How often you send program status reports depends on the project and audience. A weekly status report has details from that week's work. It includes status updates, changes from the

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