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Layoff Takeaways Survey Results

Layoff Takeaways Survey Results

Provide insights to your stakeholders on why termination of employment needs to be considered with this layoff takeaways survey results template.

When a company announces layoffs, it is usually a sign that the business is not doing well. Lower-than-expected revenue or the failure of critical business units are strong indicators that organizational changes are coming. There are reasons why a company might announce layoffs. Sometimes, it occurs when the company tries to reduce its costs to stay afloat. A company also announces layoffs when it is experiencing financial difficulties and needs to cut back on its spending. No matter what the reason behind them is, layoffs are always difficult for employees. They can be terrifying and demoralizing and lead to feelings of insecurity. When a company experiences layoffs, the last thing most workers want to hear is that their supervisors are not being entirely truthful with them. Unfortunately, in far too many cases, this is what happens. In theory, supervisors should be completely open with their employees during a layoff. But in actuality, this is usually not what happens. Many supervisors feel uncomfortable sharing bad news with their workers. As a result, they may try to withhold or sugarcoat information. This behavior can be

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