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Change Management Strategy Document template

Change Management Strategy Document template

Prepare for the long-term with this customizable Change Management Strategy Document template

Rather than start from scratch, this change management strategy document template will help you manage major changes within your organization. A change management strategy document is a must have for change management leaders. It will allow you to provide clarity and full transparency on how changes should be communicated, carried out and tracked for maximum success and minimal disruption. With this template, you can create your own change management strategy document for your organization, periodically improving and refining it. You don’t need any design experience or even an eye for design, in order to customize this template. Venngage is meant for non-designers to create visually engaging documents that they can share with their organization, and impress their colleagues with. Create professional designs without the help of graphic designers or freelancers with ease. You can start by clicking create. You’ll be taken directly to the editor. If you haven’t signed up for a free account yet, then you’ll get a chance to sign up first. Once in the editor, you can do whatever you like to customize this change management strategy document template. You can swap in new icons, change the color palette, add or delete sections, and even pre-fill sections if you have the content for it. The gradient icons you see are from Venngage’s massive icon library of over 25K icons. With a strong belief in diversity, Venngage’s icon library reflects a range of audiences, communities, and people. At an organizational level, documentation should represent the audience it’s intended for. You can search for these types of icons, along with other illustrations in Venggage’s icon library using keywords. You can also incorporate line icons, flat icons and others to dress up your document. The gray color palette is intended to be professional and neutral, but it’s not necessary. You can use apply your own choice of colors, background designs, and gradients to personalize the document. Consider your organization’s brand, how it feels and see if you can emulate that here. You can also just upload your organization’s brand assets in order to automate branding on this design and any other template you want to customize. Using My Brand Kit, you can upload brand colors, brand fonts and logos to Venngage. Then you’ll be able to access them from the editor directly, applying them to any template you edit. Then of course, you can update or tweak the sections as you see fit. You can always add or remove pages as well. With just a few changes and minimal effort, you’ll have a professional-looking design that is ready to be presented and distributed throughout the organization. Template dimensions: 8.5 by 11 inches (Standard Letter Size) (Portrait Orientation) This template is 8.5 by 11 inches, your standard letter size. You can resize it if needed using page resize under settings, or changing the dimensions manually. However, it’s ready to print as is once you’ve completed your design work. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, PowerPoint Venngage templates are versatile, meant to work with your existing solutions and products. You can export your completed work as a set of images in PNG or HD PNG format. Ideally, if you’d like to print this document, or at least make it an easily accessed document, save it as a simple PDF. This will prevent any changes or unwanted compression to occur when you share the document. If you want to include hyperlinks that staff members can click on (for additional resources or reference materials), export it as an Interactive PDF. Lastly, you can export directly to PowerPoint if you want to repurpose this template as a presentation or booklet.