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Change Management Checklist Template

Change Management Checklist Template

Build strong processes using this Change Management Checklist Template.

Make a case for necessary changes and improvements using a change management checklist template. Standardize how improvements within an organization are evaluated, prioritized and implemented with a clear, in-depth checklist. This way anyone can pitch an improvement and provide the necessary context to move things forward. You don’t need any design experience to customize this change management checklist template. Every Venngage template is created by our in-house design team for non-designers to easily edit and make changes. Rework this template using Venngage’s user-friendly editor. To use this template, click create, and then head to the editor. From the editor, you can edit headings, colors, backgrounds and more with just the click of a button. You can also incorporate your organization’s branding for a professional design touch. While this template already uses a standard framework for evaluating change projects, you can edit the text for your own purposes. Update the heading and each section by just clicking into the text boxes. You can also change the fonts to something more suitable for you. Venngage has a great library of fonts that you can use. Venngage users can also request fonts to be added to the library for anything specific we may not already have. From there try out different color palettes to give this template a completely new look. The background can be flat, have a gradient or even background designs if you really want to dress it up. The color of the text fields can be changed, they can also be made more or less transparent, depending on what you prefer. If you need to add new sections or additional parts to the checklist itself, you can either extend the length of the checklist or add a new page that shares your current aesthetic. You can duplicate pages to keep the formatting and style while you change the content as needed. Another neat shortcut is adding your branding to My Brand Kit to quickly brand any design. You can upload brand fonts, brand colors and logos all into one place. Then when you’re working on a design, generate color combinations, apply your font and use your logo right in the editor. With just a few changes, your brand new checklist is ready to go. You can even save this template as a custom template, and use it for new checklists or assets that your organization needs. Introducing major changes to how things are done within any organization, big or small, can be complex and disruptive. A clear process to introduce changes, and opportunities to record and track feedback is a great way to stay efficient. You can effectively prioritize the most valuable change plans and act on them first. You can also revisit change suggestions that may have grown in relevance over time. Template dimensions: 8.5 x 11 (Standard Letter Size) This template is ready to be shared digitally or in print. If you do choose to print your completed design, apply print bleeds in the editor! This way your document is printed properly without being cut off or resized in any way. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, HTML (for email). You can export your completed design in a number of ways! This change management checklist you’ve customized can be shared as a PNG or HD PNG to be viewed easily across devices. You can save it as a PDF to send to print, or incorporate into larger documents. An Interactive PDF can include hyperlinks to connect additional resources and materials to this change management checklist.