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Leadership Development Planning

Leadership Development Planning

Ensure long-term company health by identifying potential leaders and supporting them with leadership development planning.

Leadership development planning is identifying and nurturing future leaders within an organization. The goal is to ensure a pipeline of talent ready to step into leadership roles, ensuring the organization's continued success. There are various approaches to leadership development planning, but all typically involve some combination of assessment, training, and mentorship. The exact mix will heavily depend on the specific needs of the organization. Leadership development planning is an integral part of succession planning, which is a vital tool for ensuring the long-term health of any organization. By identifying potential leaders early and providing them with the necessary support and growth opportunities, organizations can ensure that they always have a pool of qualified individuals ready to step into leadership roles. When done correctly, leadership development planning can positively impact individual leaders and the organization. Such leaders will benefit from increased skills and confidence, while the organization will reap the rewards of having a more stable and effective leadership team. You can include many elements in a leadership development plan, but some of the most important are—assessment, training, mentorship, and evaluation. To identify potential leaders, assessing

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