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Marketing Funnel Infographic

Marketing Funnel Infographic

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A marketing funnel is a way of visualizing the journey that a customer takes on their way to becoming a paying customer. It is often represented as a series of steps, with each step representing a different stage in the journey. The marketing funnel infographic below shows the typical stages that a customer goes through, from first becoming aware of a product or service, to eventually making a purchase. The top of the funnel is where customers are first introduced to a product or service. This is usually through marketing channels such as advertising, social media, or word of mouth. At this stage, customers are not yet ready to buy, but they are beginning to develop an interest in what you have to offer. The middle of the funnel is where customers start to engage with your brand and consider becoming a paying customer. They may visit your website, read online reviews, or compare prices with other similar products or services. At this stage, it is important to provide potential customers with information that will help them make an informed decision about whether