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Lewin's three step model template

Lewin's three step model template

Introduce change with this Lewin’s Three Step Model Template

With this Lewin's three step model template, you have an infographic that can educate your organization on change management. Change leaders can help organizations effectively navigate periods of transition, by communicating visually through infographics and presentations. You can share your expertise in a way that is professional and memorable, so that your audience understands what to expect. The best part is that you don’t need any design skills at all, to use this Lewin's three step model template designed by Venngage. All Venngage templates are designed by professional graphic designers for non-designers to use. A simple editor takes all the complexity of design out of the design process. To get started with your Lewin’s three-step model infographic, just click create. Then, in the editor, you will have all the tools available to make any changes you wish. Apply new colors, choose a new topic, incorporate new icons, and so much more. You may want to apply a new color palette with your organization’s branding in mind. Well, rather than memorize a number of hex codes, you can just upload your branding to My Brand Kit! My Brand Kit is a neat feature that lets you apply your branding to any design with one click. It saves you time and effort, and makes you look exceptionally good. You can upload your brand fonts, brand colors and brand logos, ready to access in the editor, to be used on any template you customize. You can also toggle through pre-set color palettes, choose new colors of your own, apply background designs or gradients for a different look altogether. You can also repurpose this template for a different topic altogether. The three-step layout is great for any simple process or framework that you want to communicate. By resizing the infographic template, you can add more steps with ease, duplicating sections and lining them up. As you add sections, you can add new headings and body copy, too. If you want to switch up the font choices in the design, Venngage has a great font library to let your creativity soar! You can also request unique fonts if you don’t see the one you want. Then, to add your own personal touch to this Lewin's three step model template, add your choice of icons. Venngage’s vast, 25,000 icon library includes gorgeous illustrations, detailed icons, and diverse people icons to help you represent your audience. Use keywords to search the library and find exactly what you need. Template dimensions: 816 x 1610 px All Venngage infographic templates are the ideal dimensions for desktop and mobile viewing. You can always resize the template to suit your content needs under settings in the editor. You can choose a new size manually, or automate it using the page resize feature. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, HTML (for email) Download and distribute your change management infographic design in a variety of formats. PNG and HD PNG are great options for sharing your design. A PDF or interactive PDF is a great way to avoid compressing the image, and even incorporating hyperlinks. You can also export your image for HTML to create responsive emails!