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Change management framework McKinsey template

Change management framework McKinsey template

Make this Change Management Framework McKinsey template from Venngage your own!

Manage change like the experts using this change management framework McKinsey template from Venngage. Inspired by McKinsey’s 7s change management model, this template is ready for you to customize and download. Steering change within an organization requires a deep level of clarity, alignment and structure. The ability to explain in a visual and memorable way how to steer change is invaluable. You can adopt this framework for your organization by touching up this template, adding your own organization’s branding and updating the copy. If you’re not a designer, that’s not a problem! Venngage templates are meant for non-designers to customize with ease and without experiencing a steep learning curve. You can get started right away, making your changes in our user-friendly editor. Click create to get started and you’ll be taken to the Venngage editor. Here you can personalize the template design from top to bottom. Change the design theme, switch up the color palette, update the copy and more. This template has a design theme that is scientific and technological. That may not suit your particular organization’s industry or focus. You can change existing visuals for images that are more fitting. Venngage’s integration with Pixabay and Unsplash means you have access to two incredible stock photo libraries, royalty free. Search for stock photos that you would rather use and swap them in, resize them or frame them to work with the design. In the same way, you can swap in new icons as well. Venngage has a tremendous library of icons (over 25K!) that you can search through to complement your content. You can use complete illustrations, or stick with flat icons or line icons. For any icons you expect to use frequently, be sure to favorite them. That way you can access them from one place instead of always searching for them in the editor. Considering applying a new color palette for this template. You can go with something sharp and bold, vibrant and playful, dark and sleek - it’s up to you. If you need some inspiration or quick ideas, just go to My Brand Kit and toggle through the preset swatches that are available. You can also use My Brand Kit to apply your organization’s own branding with a click! My Brand Kit lets you upload your brand fonts, colors and logo right into the Venngage editor. From here you can brand any design with just a click, swap out icons in the template for your actual logo, and make sure your visuals are staying on brand. As change managers, you want to provide the best possible resources to support your staff, your team and clients. Infographics are powerful visuals that help others understand and retain important information. Template dimensions: 816 x 3550 px These template dimensions are perfect long-form infographics that need to be viewed on desktop and mobile! You can always resize your template by clicking on settings and either using page resize (which automates resizing) or enter the pixels manually. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, HTML (for email). With a variety of download options, your infographic can be shared across a number of channels effectively. A simple PNG or HD PNG can be viewed easily across devices. A PDF can be incorporated into larger documents or sent to print. An Interactive PDF can include hyperlinks, linking out to additional resources and learning materials. You can also export your design to HTML, to create a responsive email newsletter with hyperlinks!