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Black Friday Stats

Black Friday Stats

Create a marketing material containing fun Black Friday stats. Customize and edit this template from Venngage today.

One of the most popular shopping holidays in the U.S. is Black Friday. A colloquial term that refers to the Friday right after Thanksgiving, the Black Friday weekend traditionally signals the start of the Christmas shopping season. Because of this, many people spend a lot of money and buy new stuff during the Black Friday weekend. Many Black Friday stats show that revenues during this shopping weekend often reach billions of dollars every year. People wait until Black Friday to do their biggest year-end shopping spree. Some of the most popular items during Black Friday are television sets, appliances, home improvement tools, computer peripherals, apparel, and mobile devices. If you are planning to buy one of these items, waiting until the Black Friday weekend is a smart idea. Huge businesses compete for the attention and patronage of buyers during the Black Friday season. If you are a business owner, doing good during the Black Friday weekend can quickly set your business for success. According to some Black Friday stats. Retai giants like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay rake in billions of dollars every

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