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Inquiry Based Teaching

Inquiry Based Teaching

Design learning activities that encourage students to learn by investigation using this template on inquiry based teaching.

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Inquiry-based teaching is an instructional approach that encourages learners to interact with academic content by asking, examining, and answering questions. Also known as 'problem-based teaching' or simply as 'inquiry,' this method puts students' questions at the center of the curriculum. Inquiry-based teaching helps students develop a greater understanding of complex academic concepts. In an inquiry-based lesson setting, students investigate the question provided. They must be able to break it down into smaller parts and analyze each piece systematically. This process allows students to see how different concepts are interconnected and how they can be applied to real-world situations. Inquiry-based teaching also encourages students to think critically and problem-solve. When given a question to investigate, students must devise a plan of action and then figure out how to execute it. This thinking is essential in many professional fields and helps prepare students for future careers. Also, inquiry-based teaching helps develop essential research skills in students. Learners must be able to locate and synthesize information from various sources to