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Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry Based Learning

See how inquiry based learning creates an innovative learning experience that teaches students how to problem-solve by personalizing this template.

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Inquiry based learning is an educational strategy where students follow methods and practices similar to those of professional scientists when they form information and knowledge. It can be defined as finding new causal relations, with the learner formulating hypotheses and testing them by conducting experiments or making observations. Often it is seen as an approach to unraveling issues and involves the application of several problem-solving skills. Inquiry based learning emphasizes active participation and the students' responsibility for discovering knowledge that is new to them. Inquiry based learning aims for students to become independent learners who can think critically and problem-solve. Students are given opportunities to ask questions, make observations, test hypotheses, and reflect on their findings. This learning approach requires teachers to provide a supportive environment where students feel safe taking risks and making mistakes. You can use inquiry based learning in any subject area, but it is particularly effective in science classes. For students to understand complex scientific concepts, they need to engage in hands-on activities that allow them