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Sales Process Flowchart

Pre-sales Process Flowchart Diagram Template

Make and design your own sales process flowchart using sales process flowchart template from Venngage.

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A sales process flowchart is used in business to help illustrate the steps taken in the buying and selling of products. By visually mapping out how a company interacts with its customers, it can reference an easy guide that can be updated at any time. This method is especially useful when multiple people are involved in order processing, as well as if one person ends up leaving the company. A sales process flowchart can help a company identify potential problems and one-time expenses that may not have been apparent before, allowing it to improve upon itself and potentially increase sales. It also allows for easier collaboration between departments and assists in decision making. This type of chart is particularly useful if a business has multiple customer types and orders that require different processing steps. Create a flowchart using Venngage’s sales process flowchart template. You don't need to know how to design and you don't even need Microsoft Word, Illustrator or Photoshop. Since this process flowchart template is built on Venngage, you can customize it with our easy-to-use editing tool. Venngage has pre-formatted