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Editable Flowchart Template

Editable Flowchart Template

Create professionally made editable flowchart by editing our editable flowchart template.

An editable flowchart is a diagram that shows the steps in a process. Like other flowcharts, they are helpful when finding ways to improve processes or troubleshooting problems with systems. The Editable flowcharts work by giving users the ability to replace certain text prompts with their own information before generating the final product. This allows users to create customized diagrams that are easier to understand. This comes in four basic types: organization charts, business processes, workflows and procedures. It doesn't take a professional designer to create a flowchart. Anyone with Office on their computer can download Venngage’s  flowchart template for free. To make things even easier, only the basic shapes are available to use when designing an editable flowchart on Venngage, which means you don’t need any advanced graphic design skills. The Venngage editor is a simple tool that gives users the ability to customize everything they see on their diagram. You can choose different shapes for your branches, edit text prompts and more - all within the flowchart template itself. To get started with a flowchart, just open it in the editor, replace any of the text prompts with your own text or images, and choose a color scheme to match your brand. The Venngage editor has a ton of easy-to-use icons for creating an editable flowchart. For example, you can use the question mark to replace any text prompts with multiple-choice options. You can also add hard and soft returns to your text boxes by clicking on “Add Line” and dragging it out from its current position. To edit one of your branch shapes, click on the Edit Palette icon and select a new shape from the drop-down menu. There’s also an option to choose custom colors for any shape you see on your diagram, including the background color of your text boxes. In Venngage, users have the ability to customize everything from shapes and colors to icons and font. One of the easiest ways to edit an editable flowchart is by updating its title and heading. In the editor, click on “Edit Title” and type in a new text for your diagram. To make the title stand out, click on “Font” and choose a new font from the drop-down menu to update the look of all text boxes that appear on your diagram. When it comes to editable flowcharts, customization is key. To illustrate the point, we’ll walk through how to adjust page dimensions for Venngage’s flowchart template. Simply upload the file into the editor. After opening your template in the editor, click on “Page Settings” and make sure the correct page size is selected. You can download an editable flowchart in different file formats. If you want the finished product for this infographic, then click on “Download Image” to save it as a PNG image file. Alternatively, if you want the source data that was used when creating this flowchart, then open it in Venngage and select “Download PDF.” If you want to embed this infographic in your email signature, open it in Venngage and click on “Embed in Signature” before sending it out. The final file format available for download is an interactive PDF that can be imported into Google Drive or Microsoft Office 365.