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Sample New Employee Onboarding Checklist

Sample New Employee Onboarding Checklist

Make the onboarding process organized and effective by using this sample new employee onboarding checklist from Venngage.

By Venngage Inc.
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The onboarding program incorporates an overview of the team's goals and objectives. Training on company policies and procedures should cover the code of conduct, attendance policy, and cybersecurity measures. Human resource professionals will find this new employee onboarding checklist handy. It considers steps that you need to do to help fresh hires transition into new roles. When onboarding a new employee, you need to complete several tasks for the new hire to integrate into the organization. Having a new employee onboarding checklist helps you accomplish this. A checklist outlines all the necessary onboarding steps. It also provides a seamless orientation experience for the new hire, so they feel more engaged and connected with your company. Here are items that you can include on a new employee onboarding checklist. The most common tasks are: Filling out paperwork Receiving an overview of company policies and procedures Attending orientation or training sessions Setting up a workstation Connecting with other employees Participating in social activities or events sponsored by the company Not