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Employee Exit Checklist Template

Employee Exit Checklist Template

Make an effiecient employee exit checklist with Venngage employee exit checklist template

By Venngage Inc.
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The employee exit checklist template is a form of employee termination checklist. It is a template that can be used as a guideline for employees about what they should do before they leave their job. It is used to ensure that the employee has completed all of their duties and responsibilities on the company's end before they end their employee-employment relationship. This employee exit checklist template is useful for both the employee and the employer. Employees can use it to avoid leaving any responsibilities unaccomplished. They will thus not be held accountable for their failure to carry out tasks that are still under their name. This employee exit checklist also serves as a reminder of all of their daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities in their respective area of work. Meanwhile, the employee exit checklist template for employers serves as a guide to what an employee needs to do when they are about to leave or resign from their job. It also shows them if there is any unaccomplished process that should be done by either another employee in the company