Green Photo Centric Trifold Travel Brochure Idea - Venngage Brochure Examples
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Green Photo Centric Trifold Travel Brochure Idea

Brochure Description

Send people on a visual tour through France when you customize your own brochure ideas. This template from Venngage is the perfect example to get brochure design inspiration. The designer maintained a consistent layout with a few simple steps.


Whether you’re advertising a vacation in a country or city, you can use the same techniques seen here. For instance, whenever you make a brochure about travel, you should always include photos. Not only are people drawn to pictures but it will help people visualize the destination.


Additionally, this creative brochure example also includes icons to represent information. Icons are a great way to break up content into sections or lists. Try changing the color of the icons for a unique style. When it comes to the font, this template uses a modern font that’s readable and added bold headings so they would stand out.


To top it all off, the brochure example features a dramatic color palette that fits with the theme. You’ll captivate anyone’s attention by adding vibrant colors like the designer did with this marketing brochure example. Use these design methods the next time you need to create brochure ideas!

Brochure Features

Color Palette



960 x 1570 px



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