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Beautiful White Transparent Concert Event Flyer Idea

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Flyer Description

Get creative when designing event flyer ideas and use this concert flyer template as a starting point! This event flyer example from Unheard Film Festival includes several features you can master in no time.


Give your flyer a touch of creativity by letting your background image shine through a transparent layer. This will add dimension to the flyer instead of a flat design.


The designer selected a background image with a vintage feel and a warm color palette. By going with an image for the flyer background, this will eliminate needing colors elsewhere. The semi-transparent layer makes the text pop off the page and keeps the image from distracting from the flyer’s purpose.


When it comes to the text, the heading is in a dramatic font whereas the body text is a sophisticated font. You’ll also notice that the designer switched between bold and italics to give the sales flyer design a unique style. Captivate your audience when you use these techniques in any of your event flyer ideas!

Flyer Features

Color Palette



520 × 738 px


Unheard Film Festival

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