Hennala Creative Branding Brochure Example - Venngage Brochure Examples
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Hennala Creative Branding Brochure Example

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Brochure Description

Keep your branding consistent in your brochures by using the design ideas in this modern brochure example. The designer for this business brochure made sure to focus on a combination of icons and illustrations that will grab attention. You can include company or product photos to give an overall sense of your business.


This also works as a marketing brochure example because it utilizes a professional font that’s easy to read and fits with your brand. Highlight specific text with bold headings and titles so that they pop off the page.


For an innovative design, this creative brochure features a dramatic color palette that keeps the brochure fun and interesting. Design more unique business brochure examples when you integrate these design elements!

Brochure Features

Color Palette



2,028 × 1,348px