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12+ Creative Flyer Design Examples & Templates – Daily Design Inspiration #13

Each day there are millions of pieces of content published on the internet. I mean, it’s overwhelming how much we can produce and share with the world in a 24 hour time period.

Especially in the design world.

That’s why I decided to put together this first edition of the Daily Design Inspiration. With this daily collection of creative flyer design inspiration, I want to give new designers a platform to show off their work.

To spread some inspiration to readers. To collect amazing design work on one platform. And to make it easy for anyone to create something beautiful.

In this edition of the Daily Design Inspiration, we are going to look at some creative flyer examples from Samantha MongelluzzoLuís Freitas, and a few from our own Venngage designers.

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1. Sleepy Jones Yard Sale Flyer Example

Creator: Hyeona Ahn

Type: Minimalist Event Flyer Design

Selected Because: Depending on the purpose of your creative flyer, the complexity and design requirements can vary. This creative flyer template is a great example of an effective yard sale flyer, easy to see and easy to remember.

For this creative poster idea, the designer incorporated contrasting colors to make the text stand out to the audience, whether they are standing still reading it, or passing by. The large sans-serif font keeps the font sleek and bold, making it more impactful to the eye. Using black for the limited time stick helps it pop out from the colorful background, and also helps create a sense of urgency.

The creative flyer template above shows how vibrant the design will be in both a busy and plain background setting.



2. Midnight at Market Handwritten Event Flyers

Creator: Samantha Mongelluzzo

Type: Handrawn Event Flyer Design

Selected Because: Take a look at all of the poster ideas in this creative flyer template, each one gives a busy look due to the font style, but with the consistent page width it balances out the overall clutter. Each creative poster example in the template is different but consists of the same colors, font style, logos, and composition. This shows how elements can be interchangeable with one another to create multiple designs but still achieve the same look.

Digging deeper, the way the font is skewed and size with the colors combined it gives a very fun feeling to the creative poster examples, just as one would associate with midnight markets. The sizing and font weight of each text varies, placing importance on certain words to identify the theme and event, while others provide supporting information.



3. Creative Startup Now Hiring Flyer Template



Creator: Venngage

Type: Creative Business Flyer Design

Selected Because: Wow, I love this creative business flyer design! Maybe I’m biased because I love everything about startups; how they make their own rules and run daily operations different from other companies. Just like how this creative flyer design makes me feel, it reflects just what startups are about – it didn’t follow the theme and generic look of standard hiring templates. It pushed the boundaries and created a one of a kind, fun, exciting, hiring template.

It doesn’t provide long boring details about the job or the requirements, it welcomes all types of talents that are not afraid to explore in unknown territory. Startups seek outside of the box thinkers, and this creative flyer design will attract just that with the minimal use of words! The colors and the light bulb icons produce a colorful, laid-back approach, while the simple sans serif text provides a hint of business, work feel.



4. Main Characters Concert Event Flyer Example

Creator: Mathias Asnake

Type: Creative Event Flyer Design

Selected Because: Soft colors in combination with certain shades can create the opposite effect. For example, a soft pink is used as the main color, in comparison to the others; it’s a little rough and unclear on the eye.
The components and layout of the creative flyer template is strong, and the variance of font weight with font size for different pieces of information stand out.

When listing timings, be sure to include am or pm, it seems like common sense, but be crystal clear to avoid any confusion. Some music events take place very early in the morning, but in the mind of partygoers, it can be considered nighttime.

The stock photo of the hand holding the creative event flyer can indicate the creative template is directed towards flyers being handed out by an individual, and as such would look this way in its intended output.


5. Colorful Transparent Workshop Flyer Template

Creator: Venngage

Type: Creative Business Event Flyer Design

Selected Because: At first glance, the blue and white dominate the creative poster template, making the title of the business workshop very clear. The use of color overlay gives a sense of layers, providing a digital feeling, fitting the theme of the event. The image of the team working together ties hand in hand to the slogan of Build Effective Relationships at Work, showing how images and text play off one another. In addition, even the icons represent each field perfectly for SEO, Email Marketing, and Mobile & Video.

The layout of the poster template has to lead the eye from top to bottom, viewing each section one at a time, instead of jumping out at once. We start with the color branding and end it with as well when we see About Our Business in blue again. This creative poster template is visually impactful in both settings; light and dark.



6. Caras de Malte Product Flyer Example

Creator: Yuri Pinto

Type: Creative Handrawn Product Flyer Design



7.  Celebrating Manliness Event Flyer Example


Creator: Luís Freitas

Type: Creative Event Flyer Design

Selected Because: Creating your own custom illustration for your product flyer can help introduce your branding image.  The handwritten font style fits in perfectly with the hand-drawn illustration, showing how well elements play together.

In these creative poster templates, the use of brown and yellows can represent the different beer shades. The use of white text sets it apart from the rest of the poster design and helps the information pop. These colors are kept consistent through the branding package, one for the event flyer, while the other is an informational flyer at the event.

For example, the creative poster template has a photo of a drink on an informational flyer listing different flavors for users while they drink in a bar, all in line with the theme of the event flyer.



8. L’anatomie Season 1 Futuristic Event Flyer

Creator: Caterina Bianchini

Type: Creative Event Flyer Design

Selected Because: This creative flyer design is a great example of effective white space usage. Every single piece of text and image is truly a representation of the theme; Celebrating Manliness. A bar, man’s cave, grown beard, collared shirt, whiskey, and the perfect fade are all things that can be associated with being a man. Even the grayscale colors project a bold visual, which can also be associated with the idea of men.

In the creative design template above, it presents the event poster against a rigid background in both settings, one is little rigid and rough, while the other is rigid yet clean. This makes the creative flyer design look sleek, more than it already is, in a way it could also represent how men are. Crazy how such a simple image can have so much meaning behind it right?



9. Colorful Business Information Flyer Template


Creator: Venngage

Type: Informational Business Flyer Design

Selected Because: Above is a great example of a business flyer template, it provides information from the get-go, literally, from the first two words that you see. With the large bold text, your attention is caught right before reading more into the title, and with just 3 ways you know you can hold on a little longer. You don’t want to drown your readers with too many words, you need it to keep it concise and informational.

This information flyer template is a creative way to appeal to your audience. Laying it out with a clean design can make it easier it to read, and the use of colors really kept it cool here! There is also a sense of balance present, consistent use of triangles, and the change in colors for the background and text.



10. Sommernacht Creative Event Poster Examples


Creator: Kraenk Visuell

Type: Creative Event Flyer Design

Selected Because: Use contrasting colors on backgrounds, shapes, and text to make your creative poster idea pop. The creative poster template above provides two variations of the poster design, one with a popsicle and glass of water, and one with water droplets. Both variations make you feel thirsty and feel the need to cool down.

Everything comes together with the theme. One where the use of a cool colored background helps make the popsicle more vibrant and the other variation has water droplets all over to create another sense of thirst.

When I think of summer nights, I think of cool weather with a nice beverage to help unwind from the hot day. This creative poster idea depicts just that! What better way to attract people to your event?



11. Malaysia Airlines Sales Flyer Examples



Creator: Kelvin Teow & Jamie Toh

Type: Creative Sales Flyer Design

Selected Because: I think this is by far the best contrast divided design layout I have seen! There is no clear separation between the top and bottom between the creative flyer examples, it’s simply artistic and leaves the viewer speechless.

Even with so much going on in the poster designs, there is still a sense of balance. No matter how different each city is from one another, they complement each other in the way they’ve been designed in the creative flyer examples. Some text is upside down, and even then, the size and font style is easily legible due to the color contrast between the text and background.

This creative flyer template is a great example of how each flyer can be visually different from one another but still consist of the same design concept to represent a brand.



12. Unheard Film Festival Event Flyer Example 


Creator: Unheard Film Festival

Type: Creative Sales Flyer Design

Selected Because: The shape overlay used in this creative flyer idea creates depth and has a great deal of meaning behind it. The first thing I noticed was the sound waves, with the title shortly after. Taking a closer look; each shape and image connects to the word Unheard. The lady behind the sound waves seems as if she’s behind bars, in a way representing being unheard. Next, even the sound waves shape itself indirectly relates to being heard.

On the overlay shape, there is an effective use of white space, which makes the use of the rule of thirds more apparent. The black bold text help catches the readers’ eye, even after the colorful sound waves. This shows how composition and layout is key to an effective design.

If you’re looking to get a message across for your event, use the creative template above!



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