SEO or PPC: The Common Dilemma - Infographic
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SEO or PPC: The Common Dilemma – Infographic

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Many marketers face a dilemma when they have to choose between SEO and PPC for search engine marketing. Marketing budgets are usually limited. And it can be tough to choose between the two, given their pros and cons.


To help you decide which one is better, let’s look at how they stand against each other. 




  • SEO gives you long-term traffic growth and helps establish your brand as an authority in your niche. It can also help you spread brand awareness. 
  • It has extremely high CTRs at about 65.7% for desktops. Additionally, the top search results get almost 25% of all search clicks. 
  • To improve your SEO, you need to come up with unique content and promote it. These are the only two costs involved in SEO. 
  • Once you start ranking for a particular keyword, it can be difficult for your competition to displace you. 
  • It is also difficult to replicate an SEO strategy. 




  • PPC helps you grow your traffic, conversions, and leads almost instantaneously. 
  • The CTR is relatively low at 3.82%. Additionally, PPC ads get only about 2-3% of all the search clicks. 
  • It’s a more targeted form of marketing as you can select your target audience based on demographics, locations, and interests. 
  • You can get $3 in sales for every $1.60 that you invest in PPC marketing. 
  • To scale up, all you need to do is increase your budget and bid amounts. 
  • The only costs involved in PPC marketing are the cost of creating the ad copy and the cost per click that you get. 


While SEO may seem like the better of the two, it won’t be very useful if you need to scale up instantly. In this case, PPC is more beneficial.


That’s why you should create a strategy which incorporates both PPC and SEO to give you the best of both. To learn more about SEO and PPC, you can check out this infographic by SpyFu.