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12+ Spooky Halloween Flyer Templates (and more)

By Sara McGuire, Oct 03, 2021

Halloween Flyer Templates Blog Header and Logo (1)

Alas, we’re all still dealing with COVID-19 may get in the way of physical gatherings this spooky season. But there are ways to get into the spirit of things remotely, too. Virtual scary movie nights, online dance parties, wine and candy pairings, scary story swaps, and online costume parties are just a few ideas.

So how do you get the word out about this awesome Halloween event that’s brewing?

Design a spooky Halloween flyer, of course.
Halloween Flyer Templates Page with Icons

🎃 Halloween flyers are perfect because they’re easy to design and share on social media, in print, and in emails. They can also be used as party invitations.

Venngage has hundreds of free flyer templates for all sorts of seasonal events. We’re particularly big fans of spooky season, and our Halloween flyers definitely show it.

Here are 12+ Halloween flyer templates, along with some social media templates, menu designs and others. These are all creative template designs that you can customize in a pinch. No need to download any software, Venngage is completely online and works with every browser.

Visit our Flyer Maker page to learn more about about how to create amazing flyers using Venngage.


1. Happy Halloween Flyer Templates

The best thing about designing a flyer, is that simple is good. The right illustration or photo, a cool font, and the essential info is all you really need. You don’t need to be a designer or learn to use Photoshop!

You want to create something visual that gets people’s attention. This flyer design is perfect and super easy to customize.

Blue Happy Halloween Flyer Template


You can browse our free stock photo library to use another illustration as a background. Search for the right picture using keywords, and then after you select it, just drag the corner to fit the canvas.

When you’re done, sharing the flyer using a private share link or just download it. You can export the completed flyer as a PNG or PDF.


2. Tricks and Treats Flyer Template

Here’s another neat flyer template that is simple but eye-catching. The contrast of the moon and the silhouette of the haunted mansion really works.

Tricks and Treats Happy Halloween Flyer Template


Flyers like these are easy to customize. Search for free stock images with the same vibe using a few different key terms. You can get a whole new look by just swapping that illustration for another one. Try out a big decorative font for the heading and you’re all set.


3. “Spook-tacular” Halloween Party Flyer

The most memorable flyers aren’t just well-designed, they’re clever too. Puns are great for a good chuckle and also play a part in making your flyer design memorable.

Halloween Party Flyer Template


Halloween flyer templates like this one look great on their own, but the thematic pun channels the spooky season spirit well.

All sorts of eye-catching fonts are available in Venngage’s font library. But when you narrow down your favorite option, make sure it’s legible. You don’t want your pun (or your party details) hard to read.

Some other puns you can try:

  • Fang-tastic
  • Free Boos
  • Creepin’ it real
  • Come as you aren’t
  • Bone appetite
  • Cost-humous Party


4. Music Festival Flyer Template

Whether you’re planning a big party or a virtual one, a creative flyer design can really sell it. Here’s a creative approach that actually just uses icons and letters to create a show-stopper.

Festival Icons Halloween Flyer Template


With a blocky font, you can type individual letters and arrange the text boxes however you like. The messy organization of letters in this template creates a “tumbling” effect.

Then swap in new icons and illustrations that give this template its own look. Venngage actually has 40,000+ icons and illustrations that you can use while editing your work. There are a ton of different styles to suit any look you go for.


5. Cute Halloween Party Flyer Template

A creative Halloween party flyer is the perfect way to alert the people that you have something fun planned. Come up with a fun name for your event and use a big decorative font to make it stand out.

Look for Halloween icons to incorporate into your design, like spiderwebs, bats, and pumpkins. Don’t be afraid to go a bit more over the top than you normally would with your design–Halloween is tacky, and that’s part of the fun!

Scary and Cute Halloween Flyer Template


6. Halloween Sale Flyer Template

Does your business have a spooky season sale planned? An eye-catching flyer is a great way to get the word out there.

A Halloween flyer is a good opportunity to use creepy or wacky fonts, so don’t be afraid to crack one out. This Halloween flyer template uses Averia Libra and Unkempt to give it a cartoon-y feel. If you’re using a dark background color, be sure to use a bright, light-colored font so that your information will pop out from your flyer.

You can easily incorporate product shots, then resize and crop or frame them with the image editor. Don’t worry about losing your progress either. You can close or refresh your browser any time – your work will save automatically.

halloween flyer templates



7. Trick Or Treat Halloween Flyer Template

If you prefer a more minimalist style, then a solid colored background with a few sparse embellishments can make for a classier flyer design.

Keep your text brief and include only the most important information. Pick one lighter color and one darker color to create contrast.

Also, try playing around with different sized icons. For example, this free Halloween flyer template uses different sized bat icons to create the effect of a group of bats flying:

halloween flyer templates



8. Pumpkin Halloween Party Poster Template

Do you want to give a sneak preview of what your guests can expect at your Halloween bash? You can use a photo as a background image for your flyer to do just that.

Choose a photo that hints at what your activities might be. You could use stock photos (just make sure it’s not one of the really cheesy, cringe-y ones) or photos from the previous year. If you have the resources, it’s always a good idea to use original photos!

Here’s an easy design hack: overlay your background image a semi-opaque square. This will allow your text to stand out from the background without obscuring the background image completely.

halloween flyer templates



9. Halloween Social Media Template

Want to spread some Halloween feels on social media? It’s easy. We’ve got templates for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Plus, we’ve got cover and banner templates that you can update your social media accounts with.

This Twitter Banner is simple, using zombie icons and speech bubbles for an engaging design.

Halloween Twitter Banner Template


This Facebook cover photo design is pretty colorful and mood-setting.

Halloween Facebook Cover Photo Template


Not all Halloween content has to be scary. Halloween is also a fall holiday! Create a social media flyer that spreads a bit of warmth and coziness, to counteract all the creepiness of other Halloween posts.

Combining a fall-themed photo with a simple message written in a decorative font will make for a highly shareable social media flyer. Don’t forget to include your company branding!

halloween flyer templates



10. Halloween Pets Safety Flyer Template

Sharing valuable safety tips is always considerate. Making it look great is a sure way to make people actually read it!

So many folks have pets and make their pets part of their Halloween festivities. It’s important, especially for new pet owners to feel informed.

You can use a flyer like this provide info, but also advertise your business, get people excited for an upcoming event, or offer some cool content for your audience!

Just because it’s Halloween, doesn’t mean you have to stick to the traditional black-and-orange color scheme, either. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and mix some unusual colors with bright Halloween icons.

Pet Safety Halloween Infographic Template



11. Halloween Kids Safety Tips Flyer Template

Halloween may be mostly fun and games, but there are certain precautions you should take to ensure everyone is safe. A safety tips flyer is a good way to spread important information to families.

Combine concise tips with illustrative icons to make the information easy to understand. Pick icons that are easily recognizable–for example, a children’s crossing symbol or a fire symbol.

Since it’s Halloween, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t throw in some festive icons while you’re at it too. Just make sure that they don’t distract from the important information! Adjusting the opacity of your decorative icons to make them blend more into the background is an easy way to establish a visual hierarchy.

halloween flyer templates


Venngage Tip: If you want to share a document that links out to other resources, you can add links to your text and download it as an interactive PDF. That makes your links clickable!


12. Funny infographic designs

Infographics are certainly different from flyers. But they’re a great way to keep sharing festive content at the office, or with your broader audience online. It certainly can lift spirits – of the living, that is.

This quirky infographic design shares popular pet costumes and some of them are pretty clever!

Funny Infographic Template for Halloween Costume Ideas


This is a great example of how to share information in a way that’s engaging and informative.

These types of infographics can be designed using Venngage’s icons and illustrations, or browsing the stock photo library for unique images that suit your needs. Try out this infographic design with a neat topic of your own.

For related infographic designs, you can check out the the Halloween infographics gallery here.

Venngage Halloween Flyers and More

Along with a few free Halloween flyer templates, we also have ones exclusive to Premium and Business users. If you’ve already got a paid plan, you’re in luck!

If you want to check out even more flyer template designs, check out our 50+ Amazing Flyer Examples, Templates and Design Tips for more inspiration.

Save yourself money, time and stress by just customizing our ready-to-go template designs.

About Sara McGuire

Sara McGuire is the former Content Marketing Manager at Venngage. She believes that growth by content doesn't require a big budget if you're scrappy. Her writing has been published on Marketing Profs, HubSpot, and Content Marketing Institute. Follow her on Twitter @sara_mcguire