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Weekly Status Report Template

Weekly Status Report Template

Create a professional-looking weekly status report template in seconds. Just customize the colors, fonts and text layers, then add your data!

By Venngage Inc.
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A weekly status report template is a document that helps you to organize and present information about the progress of your team during the week. It can be used to communicate progress on a project, or it can be used to track other activities such as the number of hours worked each week by employees. The template helps you and your team members stay on track with what needs to be done during the week so you don’t fall behind on any projects being worked on. It also allows you to provide an update on what has been completed since last week, so everyone knows exactly where things stand with certain tasks at all times. Using this template will help keep your team accountable for their work, allowing them to see how much time was spent working on each task or project each week so they know how much time they have left before deadlines are reached (or missed). This makes it easier for people within an organization who don’t necessarily work together every day but still need to stay up-to-date with