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Vertical Analysis

Vertical Analysis

Make Analyze easy with vertical analysis template here on Venngage.

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The vertical analysis template can be helpful to track one or many of your company's performance indicators. It can help give you a sense of how different aspects of your business are performing over time so that you can make improvements where necessary. The vertical analysis template can also show you whether or not your business is growing, i.e. if the vertical analysis template is increasing or decreasing over time. In the vertical analysis template, the vertical axis represents one of many different variables that your company measures. The units on the vertical axis can be anything relevant to that variable. In the vertical analysis template, the horizontal axis is time. This allows you to see how your data has changed over time by comparing two or more points in time together for a given variable. Create a professional vertical analysis with Venngage's vertical analysis template. You don't need to be a designer, have design experience, or use any design tools to personalize this vertical analysis template. To begin, click the Create button to access this vertical analysis template. Everything you see