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Transition Planning Template

Transition Planning Template

Ensure a smooth job transition in your workplace. Use this transition planning template to communicate important job descriptions to your new hire.

A transition plan is crucial when documenting your previous employees’ assignments, projects, and ongoing tasks to the new personnel who will replace them. The role of this transition plan is to provide information to transition all duties smoothly. This transition planning template from Venngage makes training of the new employees effortless, efficient, and manageable. Transition plans ensure that projects and work assignments will continue flourishing even after restructuring or resignation from the company. They also help set up the new employee for success and ease tension or anxiety as the old employee prepares to leave. This transition planning template from Venngage aims to help companies and businesses enjoy a smooth transition in the workplace. By providing complete information about ongoing projects, daily assignments, and checklists to accomplish, you can help make the transition smoother and more efficient. Many companies waste resources on retraining their new employees because they lack a transition planning process. Instead of allowing the resigning employee to train their new hire, they fail to create a plan that will document all of the jobs and assignments of their previous

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