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Simple Incident Report Template

Simple Incident Report

Track incidents at work and more by customizing this Simple Incident Report Template!

By Venngage Inc.
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Compose a minimalist incident report and more with this Simple Incident Report Template. Edit the report template with a minimal color scheme, bold headings, and a modern font. Keep your business incident report clear and to the point by utilizing a minimal color scheme. Venngage has an array of minimal color schemes that range from a monochromatic color to various shades, so choose the one that's perfect for your report. Once you've added your own text, incorporate bold headings so they're more prominent. Click on the bold typeface option in the editor tool and apply it to any text you want to stand out. Make sure the Simple Incident Report Template is easy to read by selecting a modern font. Choose one of the modern fonts in the editor tool and incorporate it with a click of the mouse. Not exactly the HR incident report you were looking for? Browse Venngage for more editable incident report templates!