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Nursing Change of Shift Report Template

Nursing Change of Shift Report Template

Make nursing endorsements easier, more efficient, and more accurate by personalizing this nursing shift report template.

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A nursing shift report is a communication tool that nurses use to transmit critical patient information to the incoming nurses' shift. This report is typically given at the beginning of each nurse's shift. It provides an overview of the patient's condition, any changes that have occurred since the last shift, and any other pertinent information. The nursing shift report is an integral part of the nursing process, as it helps to ensure continuity of care and promotes communication among the nursing staff. Every nursing shift report should include the patient's name, room number, and bed number. This information will help the oncoming nurses identify the correct patient. The nurse must also incorporate a brief overview of the patient's condition. It may carry the patient's vital signs, any changes in their situation, and medications they are currently taking. The report should contain instructions that the oncoming nurses must be aware of. It may include information such as dietary requirements, medication orders, or activities the patient should or should not be doing. Finally, the report should include other information, like visiting family members, the patient's