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Event ROI Report Template

Event ROI Report Template

Measure your event's performance and track the progress of your projects over time by customizing this easy-to-use event ROI report template.

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An event ROI report measures the success of an event in terms of its return on investment (ROI). This type of report can be used to compare the costs and benefits of different events or to track the progress of an event over time. There are many ways to calculate ROI. Still, the basic formula is dividing an event's net benefits by the total costs. When creating an event ROI report, include the total cost of the event: the direct and indirect costs, marketing, and other event-related expenses. Add a list of benefits generated by the event. This can include direct and indirect benefits, such as ticket sales, sponsorships, media coverage, and other ways the event generated value. Quantify event benefits whenever possible. And, of course, include the event ROI ratio. No need to include non-quantifiable benefits such as brand awareness or customer satisfaction in the report; while essential, you can not easily compare them to the event's costs. One-time costs, such as venue rental or staff time, do not need to be in the event ROI calculation either. These costs are not