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Monthly Consumer Activity Report Template

Monthly Consumer Activity Report Template

Break down consumer activity and more by customizing this Monthly Consumer Activity Report Template!

Present an easy-to-understand customer report to your team using this Monthly Consumer Activity Report Template. Apply a unique color palette, engaging charts, the right icons and even stock photos for an engaging report. My Brand Kit is a feature that lets you change an entire template’s color palette with just a click. You can choose to apply your corporate brand colors and logo, or choose from automated color palettes for a completely new look. Visuals communicate much better than text alone. Use charts instead of numbers to convey data effectively. Select a chart and double-click to upload spreadsheets and transform your charts. Pair icons with headers to help emphasize different sections. You can even upload stock photos or images of your own, and use the photo frame widget to crop them perfectly. Just place the widget on your design and the stock photo on top to automatically resize the image. In just minutes, you’ll have transformed a simple report into something engaging and memorable. Venngage has countless report templates for you to use, be sure to check out our report templates library today.