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Construction Deficiency Report Template

Construction Deficiency Report Template

Help your contractors track, identify, and fix building flaws by customizing this construction deficiency report template.

A construction deficiency report is a report that notes any deficiencies or problems with a construction project. It flags up poor quality, faulty materials, and safety hazards. The document is used to help the contractor correct the problem and prevent it from happening again. The project manager or inspector usually creates the construction deficiency report. They document the problem and send it to the contractor, who will then have a chance to fix it. A construction deficiency report should first describe the problem to allow the contractor to understand what went wrong and how to repair it. It must also include where it happened, when it was discovered, and any photos or other documentation that can help illustrate the situation. In drafting a construction deficiency report, formatting should be clear and concise. Ensure that the contractor can easily understand the problem to know how to fix it. Next, the headings and font should be easily readable. You'll also want to leave room for the contractor's comments. Finally, include a section for the contractor's signature. You can also add a logo or image to personalize the

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