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Safety Planning Template

Safety Planning Template

Teach employees how to plan, respond, and act during emergencies at work by customizing this safety planning template and making it your own.

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A safety plan is a personalized, realistic plan that includes ways to stay safe during an emergency. Safety planning is important because it can help prevent accidents and injuries. Knowing what to do in advance can help you be prepared to handle potential safety hazards. Tailor your safety plan to your specific needs and situation. However, there are some general things that you may want to include in your program. First, you should know the location of exits and safe areas in your workplace. You will need to know how to get out quickly and where to go for help in an emergency. Second, you should have a list of emergency contacts, including co-workers, supervisors, and local emergency services. This way, you can contact someone who can help you if an accident or injury occurs. Third, you should know how to use safety equipment in your workplace like fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and personal protective equipment. Finally, you should have a plan for what to do if an accident or injury does occur. It may include knowing how to report the incident and getting medical