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Simple Green Consulting Agreement

Develop a clear business agreement and more by customizing this Simple Green Consulting Agreement Template

Produce a minimalist business agreement and more with this Simple Green Consulting Agreement Template. This agreement features icons, bold headings, and a minimal color palette that you can edit in no time for the perfect design. Keep your business agreement simple, yet interesting by utilizing icons to represent the content. You can easily break the content into sections with the thousands of quality stock icons in the Venngage gallery. As for the content itself, use bold headings so that each category of the Simple Green Consulting Agreement Template stands out. Consider using bold headings for any portion text that you want the reader to notice simply by clicking on the bold typeface button in the editor tool. Complete the Simple Green Consulting Agreement Template by applying a minimal color palette so the focus remains on the text. Venngage has pre-generated color schemes you can pick from, or you can create a minimal color palette from scratch. Not entirely the consulting agreement you were looking for? Browse the Venngage library for more light agreement templates!