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Donation Thank You Letter Sample

Donation Thank You Letter Sample

Design your own gratitude letter by editing and customizing this donation thank you letter sample from Venngage today.

By Venngage Inc.
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For organizations such as non-profits that are funded by donations, writing a thank you letter to your donors is mandatory. When someone donates a gift to your organization, you start to enter what is known as the “stewardship” phase. In this phase, you start to build a relationship with your donor. This could mean communicating constantly with your donor, sending them messages expressing your gratitude, inviting them to exclusive organizational events, and recognizing their work while nurturing your relationship. By working on your relationship with your donor, especially those donating for the first time, you try to ensure that the donor continues to be an active member of your community. This act can only be bolstered and strengthened by sending them a letter of gratitude. This is where a donation thank you letter sample can do wonders for your organization. Admit it or not, not everyone knows how to write a professional-sounding thank-you letter. And with more and more people leaning toward the use of gadgets and computers to communicate, fewer people are knowledgeable about writing letters for different purposes. A